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Each hard gelatin capsule contains:
Rabeprazole sodium IP 20 mg (As enteric coated pellets) Levosulpiride 75 mg (As sustained release pellets)

Mechanism of action
Rabeprazole: It is a PPI. It suppresses gastric acid secretion by inhibiting the gastric H+K+ ATP ase at the secretory surface of the gastric parietal cell .

Levosulpiride: It exerts prokinetic action through dual mechanism as a D2 receptor antagonist and as a 5 HT4 receptor agonist. It exerts ant-emetic action through mild 5 HT3 receptor antagonism .

Indications with Dosage & Administration:

Functional Dyspepsia
Reflux Oesophagitis
Acid Aspiration Syndrome
Diabetic Gastroparesis
Ulcerative GERD
Post Surgical GERD
Nausea & Vomiting

One Capsule per day in an empty stomach

In a box of 10 x 10 strips.
A strip of 10 capsules.



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