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Our strong portfolio of businesses, geographies and products gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive market and allows us to provide affordable medication to people across the country, regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers.

Grandcure is one of the fastest growing privately held pharmaceutical companies in India, headquartered at New Delhi. It has been developing pharmaceutical products and selling and distributing these all over India. Grandcure is an emerging pharmaceutical company which strives to achieve perfection in all that it does. It is an organization which integrates people, processes and potential towards the betterment of human society.

We are truly dedicated to healthcare, for us healthcare means not only business but serving social good, so we have a far deeper reason than profits alone to drive our performance.

We judge our success by our performance with regard to the communities in which we live and work and the environment in which our employees work. We understand that it is only by increasing value to our customer satisfaction that we can build an ever flourishing organization. We make full use of all our capabilities to provide our clients with quality medicines. All the products are competitively priced, and are delivered to their respective destinations well within the stipulated time frame.

Grandcure is committed to improving and protecting the quality of life through an active program of business development with the following strategic focus:

  • In-licensing of new innovative exclusive products, including new chemical entities, in late-stage development;
  • Acquisition of approved branded products with strong growth potential;
  • Partnerships, strategic alliances and research and development collaborations involving early-stage compounds


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